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The Need for ARTinED


The Need for

To support a knowledge driven economy and effective entrepreneurship, the nurturing and support of creativity must be fundamentally fostered at every stage of education. Only through creativity can Europe be at the forefront. The question is how to foster creativity and what is its importance in today knowledge-centred, education curricula.

European education has a critical need to find a way to weave creativity in to every aspect of the school curriculum, to not squeeze or under-utilize the arts as a key tool of nurturing creativity but to bring creativity through artistic expression in to every subject.

School systems that rely on teaching primarily through the spoken and written word simply do not reach all these kinds of students who struggle with curriculum and instruction based primarily on verbal proficiency, as they may have other kind of intelligence different from verbal and logic. These may have visual/spatial/bodily/kinaesthetic, musical  interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligences (Dr. Howard Gardner).  

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