Methodology - ARTinED - A new approach to education using the arts

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The project will complete a careful methodology to produce a replicable:

  • Methodology

  • In-service training course

Project workflow and Outcomes
The project will include:

  • Research on the use of art in children’s education and best practices across Europe

  • Preparation for piloting environmental education

  • Piloting in schools

  • Evaluation and analysis of piloting

  • Preparation of In-Service training course (offline and online)

  • Testing the In-Service teacher training  (twice)

  • Dissemination and sustainability

  • Quality assurance

The above workflow will be implemented through a series of work packages that will:

  • Develop an innovative methodology to include diverse art-forms throughout primary school curricula. The project partnership has expertise in all the differing art specializations that will enable a complete evaluation across the spectrum of the arts.

     These include:
     creative writing and poetry
     music and drama  
     dance and choreography
     visual arts    

  • Provide a complete pedagogic examples in using art-forms applied to the selected example of environmental education

  • The resources produced will be piloted as a test study at a local and European level, the results analyzed and the final resources adapted to the results of the piloting.

  • Complete and deliver the ARTinED in-service teacher training course.

  • Disseminate and exploit outputs and results

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