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Meeting the Needs


Meeting the Needs

Arts in schools play a fundamental role to support a student’s creative abilities, self-expression and learning abilities. They are a necessary tool especially when not thought as separate subjects but integrated throughout the curriculum.

Creativity is THE core skill that Europe requires in every area of the digital society and especially in the working environment. If we do not have creativity but only knowledge Europe will lose its place at the forefront of the digital world.

If the arts are not supported then efforts in other fields to support creativity and entrepreneurship will also be undermined.

project will directly meet this challenge in placing creativity through the arts, as a key component of any school subject. This will be affected by including the arts as a component within the teaching of other school subjects.

An innovative teaching methodology through the arts directly meet the target specified  in the  new strategic framework for cooperation in education and training (ET2020)  to reduce the number of low-performers in mathematics and science (to be less than 15% by 2020) and less than 10% of early school leavers by 2020

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