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The New School year just started and we warmly suggest you visit the website of The Stronger Children project.
You will find useful resouces to promote Harmonious relationship in your classroom and prevent bullying.

 A new approach to education using the arts’, is a European Union funded education project that is designing innovative methodologies to add creativity in to schools through the arts, as a key component of every school subject.

European education has a critical need to find a way to weave creativity in to every aspect of the school curriculum, to not squeeze or under-utilize the arts as a key tool of nurturing creativity but to bring creativity through artistic expression in to every subject.

The arts play a fundamental role to support a student’s creative abilities, self-expression and learning abilities. They are a necessary tool especially when not thought as separate subjects but integrated throughout the curriculum. For example, dance in mathematics, drawing in history, music in languages etc.

 has a replication strategy that will create:

  • a methodology

  • in-service training course

for teachers and authority curriculum experts to enhance European teachers’ knowledge and confidence in using the arts in their daily teaching and use resources from schools across Europe. The methodology will be based on piloting a practical environmental education example in primary schools across Europe.

Further information here .  More information on how to get involved





Art in Education - A new approach to education using the arts

The ARTinED project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
This website reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission
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