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Arts Background


Arts Background
Background  Reports – Use of individual Art Forms in Education


The common view among primary school teachers is that using art in classes raises student interest and participation. Nevertheless, this endless resource is largely underused by them because they are too busy with preparing their students for state mandated achievement tests, and most of the time art classes are sacrificed so that students can concentrate on academic subjects. It seems plausible to conclude here that teachers will benefit greatly from integrating arts with different school subjects as they will include it in daily instruction without allocating time for separate art classes.
 is an educational project that is designing an innovative methodology to improve the teaching of any primary school subject by using five forms of art, i.e. creative writing, music, drama, dance, and visual arts. The idea is that when students study a subject through a form of art, they can undergo a holistic experience with their mind by symbols, with their body by the senses and with their heart by the feelings. So, they can learn and retain the content better as they can remember the images and feelings for a long time instead of the words that they will forget in a short time.
project, in harmony with Elbert Hubbard’s (an American writer, publisher, artist and philosopher) claim, art is not a thing; it is a way. In this sense, the project will meet the needs of those teachers who feel that there is no time to include art in daily instruction because of the needs and benchmarks that are to be met in other school subjects.
The present background report provides reasons for and benefits of integrating each art form in the teaching of curricular subjects and explains how to do it by using specific examples in several subjects. A list of references is provided at the end of each section for further information.

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